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Forever Snatched Wigs by Stacy-Stallion Wig

Designer: Forever Snatched

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Introducing the Stallion Wig from the Forever Snatched Virgin Wig Collection by Stacy! This wig was handmade with three 20” kinky curly bundles and  one 16” kinky curly closure. Grab everyone’s attention with this beauty!

Daily Maintenance: 

    • Run your fingers through hair extensions daily to prevent the extensions from tangling and potentially matting together.
    • Brush or comb through to style.
    • Try to minimalize your usage of products with alcohol because alcohol causes the hair to be dry & brittle.
    • Before going to bed, remove wig and store properly on a wig head or wear a bonnet/scarf to tie down your hair. 
    • NEVER go to bed with wet hair.
    • We suggest you use a sulfate free shampoo and a good moisturizing conditioner. We also recommend if you are rocking a deep wave, loose wave, or kinky curly, please use a leave in conditioner and let air dry. 
  • Let hair air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser (wavy or curly hair)

Protecting the Weft:

While minimal shedding is normal, there are steps you can take, to ensure the longevity if your investment. 

Coloring Hair:

If you perm, tint, bleach or cellophane the hair, we recommend a professional to do it to ensure you do not damage the hair.