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Mane Concept Red Carpet Inspire Braid Wig 4" Deep Lace Part RCHB101 Mini Abuja Braid 30"

Designer: Mane Concept

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    • Pre Styled and Ready to Wear
    • 4" Deep Lace Part
    • Baby Hair
    • Knot free Braids
    • Pre-stretched
    • No Irritation or 0dors
    • Breathable Fabric
    • Maximum Comfort

    Designed to Inspire

    Say no more to parting, pulling, and hours in the stylist chair, and say hello to making a statement. Red Carpet Inspire Braid Lace Part Wig give you all of style with none of the effort. An edgy combination of box & small cornrow braids, and a 5" deep lace part with a full head of knot free, naturally finished braids will give everyone #braidenvy. Don't hesitate, skip the chair and make a move, Red Carpet Inspire Braid Lace Part Wig-Designed To Inspire.