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Butterfly Loc's 18"

Designer: Janet Collection/Beauty Plus

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  • Janet Collection Crochet Braids Nala Tress Butterfly Locs 18"(SLIM)

    - 10 Strands

    General Care for Synthetic Hair

    The following is a general outline of how to maintain synthetic hair. Individual product may behave differently based on usage and style. Consult your stylist for specific instructions.

    • Always wash hair in cool water using mild shampoo and conditioner. Washing in hot water will damage fiber.
    • Never scrub hair. Swish it gently from side to side and dunk it up and down.
    • Use a towel and pat hair dry. Never brush or comb when hair is wet. Never use blow dryer. If in a rush, use cold settings on the dryer.
    • If necessary, de-tangle hair with a wide-toothed comb working from the bottom toward the top.
    • If hair gets frizzy, use sheen spray - then comb.
    • You can resume styling once the hair is completely dry.
    • Never comb or brush spiral curl or dreadlocks. Use fingers to comb gently.
    • Use of heating iron or other heat appliances is not recommended.